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Why use

- will solve all your problems related to buying things from China.
- It is the CHEAPEST to buy via shipping air from 0.01 kg item

How to buy from marketplaces?

1.Registered first as VIP member to get code ID to get license to buy at our store

After you registered save your ID number and make sure to use only for 1 user only.If HQ detected you used the ID number for anyone else your member privileged will be ban forever.

2. Find any items in the 1688 or Pinduo2 online that you want.Make sure you have install 1688 apps/pinduo2  in your phone and already link with your account Taobao.
Copy URLs item that you want from 1688/pinduo2 online marketplaces .Then click China order form and paste the link URL at the detail form.

3. Waiting for the admin to upload at the website will confirm item prices and will calculate including cost of the item + postage from seller to warehouse usually about 5-6 yuan + postage from warehouse to Malaysia.(You can check first at the link at homepage)

4. Pay for items
Once prices are confirmed HQ will contacted you and give link of the order so that you can pay for your items via website

5. Wait a couple of days will buy your items from the shop you selected. Usually, it takes 1-3 days for an item to arrive at our warehouse. The actual arrival date might be different. 

6. Consolidate the item
Once items arrive at the warehouse, we will help you consolidate all the the item free of charge if there are several shop that you buy and we will give new tracking number of the postage from warehouse to Malaysia via email.

 7. Get your package delivered
Wait 1-14 days for the package to get delivered to your place. 

How much will it cost?

It is convenient to know the total cost beforehand, but unfortunately several factors prevent us from having this information available. We don't know: how much your items will weigh, where you are going to send your package to, which shipping method you are going to choose, and how you are going to pay. We cannot tell you exactly how much it will c ost in your specific case ahead of time, but you can estimate total price by the example case below :-

  1. Cost of the product 54 yuan(make sure the minimum amount to buy is same like you ordered)
  2. Postage seller to warehouse 5 yuan
  3. Postage warehouse to Malaysia is RM20.2(1kg weight)

Example Calculation :-

54 yuan/1.55 = RM34.8(COST OF ITEM)



TOTAL COST = RM36 + RM3.33 + RM20.2 = RM59.53

What does can't do?

- We don't buy in offline shop if want to buy in small quantity
- We don't provide mail-forwarding services.We ship only items you buy via
- We don't ship within China. We ship only abroad.
- We don't buy batteries, lubricants, sprays and other sensitive items in bulk
- We don't buy oversize, overweight, and overlength items
- We don't check whether items function properly.
- We don't mark items as "gift" in the shipping documents.