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Colored Rice x 12kg (carton)

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**Colored Rice** is rice that has been infused with food coloring or natural dyes to give it vibrant colors. It can be used in various ways:


1.Culinary Uses: Colored rice can be used in dishes where visual appeal is important, such as in salads, sushi rolls, or as a side dish to complement other colorful foods.


2. Decorative Purposes: It is often used in arts and crafts, such as in sensory bins for children, as a base for displaying food, or in decorative arrangements for events and celebrations.


3. Festive and Cultural Significance: In some cultures, colored rice is used in traditional ceremonies, rituals, or festivals to symbolize different meanings or to create decorative patterns.


4. Variety of Colors: Colored rice can come in a variety of hues, including red, yellow, green, blue, and purple, depending on the type of food coloring or natural dye used.


5. Preparation: To make colored rice, rice grains are typically mixed with a small amount of water and food coloring or dye until the desired color is achieved. The rice is then dried before use.


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