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Pes Masam Manis Masak 3 Rasa x 12(carton)

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**Paste Masam Manis Masak 3 Rasa** is a ready-made paste used to prepare the popular Malaysian dish "Masak 3 Rasa," which translates to "Three-flavored Sweet and Sour Dish." The paste typically combines sweet, sour, and savory flavors in one dish. It often includes ingredients like tamarind (asam), sugar (gula), and sometimes chili (pedas), blended with herbs and spices to achieve a balanced taste profile. This paste simplifies the cooking process, allowing for quick preparation of Masak 3 Rasa dishes, which commonly feature chicken, seafood, or tofu cooked in the sweet and sour sauce. It’s a convenient option for recreating authentic Malaysian flavors at home.


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